Wednesday, 25 January 2017


Field Types:

  • XHtmlString
  • ContentArea
  • ContentReference

Friday, 20 January 2017

Source Control Branching and Structure

  •          This is the master from which all feature branches are created.
  •          Only check in to Trunk when a feature has been tested in RC and LIVE change request has been created and approved. 

Branches Folder
  •          This folder contains multiple feature branches created from the trunk.
  •          Once your branch is ready then merge it into RC if it’s going to be released next.
  •          If it’s not going to be released next, then don’t merge it. Park it there.
  •         Once the feature is merged and tested in RC and live release approved, then merge it with trunk.

Releases Folder
  •          RC branch. This is the upcoming release candidate
  •     Once RC gone live, create a new branch from it and put it under the Releases folder and name it like Release2.6 

·         Trunk
·         RC

·         Feature (optional for when a feature branch has a different release schedule but still needs to be tested)