Thursday, 2 February 2012

How to Create and Use A Twitter Application?

On Twitter, everyone knows that you can create User Accounts but not everyone knows that you can also create Applications!

Twitter Applications can be used to send automatic tweets or re-tweets to other user accounts that have authorized this application to post tweets on their wall!

Examples Where Can It Be Used?
  • For example, you have a page on your site and you'd like to allow the user, who has logged on to your system, to send the link to your page on his/her twitter account.
  • Assuming you have a system which publishes articles, posts, videos and other types of contents onto a different website or webservice. Using a Twitter Application, you can automatically post a message unto your Company Twitter Account that such contents have been released. 
  • Imagine Burger King publishes Promotional Offers on their website, using a Twitter Application, they can publish such offers to their Company Twitter Account automatically when such offers become available.
  • Imagine BBC has a Twitter Account e.g. BBC_Business and every news that they publish unto their website, they'd like to be published automatically to this Twitter Account. Using Twitter that would be possible.
  • ...
I think any Company which publishes news/articles/information could potentially benefit from this.

How to Create a Twitter Application?
Each Twitter User can create 1 or more Twitter Applications. To create a new Application for your account go here:

What are Consumer Tokens?
Once your Twitter Application is created, it generates 2 main keys called ConsumerKey and ConsumerSecretKey.

These 2 keys will be used later so that you can authorize this app to post to a user account.

What are the Access Tokens?
Access tokens are 2 tokens using which you allow a Twitter Application to have access or post tweets on another Twitter Account; therefore Each Access Token Pair belongs to only one Twitter User Account and one Twitter Application.

How to Create Access Tokens?
The below page, would generate the the access tokens for a given application.

How to Connect to the Twitter API and Get User Details or Tweet?
Ok, by now you have 4 keys; 2 Consumer Tokens and 2 Access Tokens.

Download Twitterizer, using which you can communicate with the Twitter API.

Once you have those 4 keys and you have the Twitterizer, now you can do what you want. Posting an update to a user account using the newly created Twitter Application:

Another Tutorial:

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