Sunday, 14 August 2011

Connect to Host IIS from Virtual PC

When you need to test your application with IE 6.0 using a virtual PC, you would need to make this configuration so that you can access the host application from the virtual pc.

The solution is quite simple as below:
  • Download the windows xp VHD and run it using VPC
  • Setup your web application on your local IIS
  • Configure Visual Studio to run the app from IIS rather the default VS Dvelopment Server:

  • Go to the Url and make sure that it's accessible from your host e.g. http://localhost/app1
  • Start the Windows xp VPC
  • Go to the settings and select Shared Networking (NAT) so that your VPC can access the host.
  • Find the ip address of the host machine by running ipconfig from the host
  • From the VPC, access the Host IIS Application using the ip address of the host e.g.

Important tip:
  • The VHD expires in Aug 2011. This is a workaround that you can use to change the current date of the VPC and takes less than 30m to configure and test.

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