Sunday, 9 January 2011

How to Configure Url Rewrite Module in IIS 7.0?

Url Rewrite module is a free IIS 7.0 module which helps you implement url rewriting.

Ok, what is url rewriting anyway? for example you might want to let users use this url {0} and in the background you'd like that request to be sent to this url {1}.

{0}: http://sitename/productId=1
{1}: http://sitename/products/productdetails.aspx?pid=1
Reverse proxy with url rewrite can be used when you need to rewrite an external url into your original url. By external url, I mean a url which is not on the same site.

There are 2 ways to define the rules either using web.config or using IIS Url Writing section; both of these are sync with each other.

SSL Offloading:
When you enable SSL Offloading in IIS, then communication between ARR to the contents server will be using clear text rather than SSL.

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