Thursday, 18 November 2010

How to Deploy a SharePoint 2010 Web Application/Site from One Server to the Other?

1. Use SQL Management Studio to backup the Content Database

How to: Back Up a Database (SQL Server Management Studio):

2. Restore the Content Database to your new SQL server

How to: Restore a Database Backup (SQL Server Management Studio):

3. Create a new web application in Central Admin on the new farm:

Create a Web application (SharePoint Foundation 2010):

4. Delete the content Database that get's created by the new web application(from step 4)

Central Admin > Application Management > Content Databases > delete the empty db from your web application (created in step 3)

5. Use SharePoint Management Shell(Mount-SPContentDatabase), Stsadm(-o addcontentdb) or Central Admin to add the contentdatabase:

Add a content database (SharePoint Server 2010):

6. Make sure that your account has administrative permissions on the site collection(update site collection administrator)
Add or remove site collection administrators (SharePoint Server 2010):

Option 2: Site Collection Backup

1. Create a backup of your site collection which gives you a .bak file using stsadm tool or using the Central Administration

2. use the following command line tool to restore this backup file

stsadm -o restore -url http://servername/sites/sitename -filename C:\Backups\siteCollectionBackup.bak -restoremethod overwrite -overwrite

Option 3: Deploy Custom WebParts
Option 3: Deploy Custom Html or ASP pages

One manual way is to create a virtual directory inside your web application and put the pages there.

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