Saturday, 7 November 2009

IT Organizational Skills

  • Taking good notes from meetings, conference calls, etc
  • Setting goals and deadlines
  • Having projects done on time.
  • Communicate regularly about the progress and strategy improvements
  • Reporting to your manager weekly about the progress
  • Knowing where everything in the office is located.
  • Making good use of time.
  • Keeping work area stocked and neat.
  • Documenting results
  • If you have responsibility of other people as well, you should be maintaining their tasks list and chase them up to do their tasks
  • Be aware constantly about what you are saying, to whom and what impact it could have; for instance if you say to your non-technical manager that the Server is down and I am working on it, he might be frightened though you know that it's a 1 minute job to make it work!!!
Project Planning
If you're responsible to write a project plan and task list of your team, you can use the following tools:
  1. Microsoft Project
  2. Microsoft Excel
  3. Microsoft Word
Then this should be maintained throughout the project and should be reported to your Manager e.g. weekly.

Personal Daily Agenda
Have a personal daily agenda for yourself which includes your own works; check the items as you finish them.

You can simply use NotePad for this.

How your managers are perceiving you?
Are they constantly aware about your progress and hard work?
Do they FEEL confident in you and about your ability to do your job?
Do they FEEL that you have your tasks under control and they are progressing?
What messages are you sending with your words?

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