Thursday, 17 September 2009

.NET Technologies for Enterprise Application Architecture

How to make a decision when using and which technologies for your enterprise application architecture?

.NET 2.0

Web Services
  • Choose for web services if either one of the clients is not a .NET application, or if communication occurs over the internet.

.NET Remoting

  • Choose for .NET remoting if performance is the main issue.

  • When using .NET remoting you are restricted to using it over a LAN or on the same computer.

  • Also, .NET remoting has been superseded by WCF, so if you have any possibility to upgrade the machines to .NET 3.5, that would probably be a better solution.
Service Components
  • Choose for Serviced components if you require very specific functionalities such as object pooling, just-in-time activation, distributed transactions / CRM etc...
.NET 3.0 and above





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