Tuesday, 16 June 2009

WCF - Questions to be answered when implementing

What are the questions that you need to answer and consider when creating a WCF service?

  • What service contracts do I need?
  • What SessionMode (Allowed/NotAllowed/Requied) do I need to support for my service contract?
  • What ProtectionLevel my service contract needs (None/Sign/EncryptAndSign)?
  • Do I need to support CallbackContract?


  • Which ServiceContract my ServiceBehaviour needs to implement?
  • Which AddressFilterMode do I need for my ServiceBehavoir (Any/Exact/Prefix)?
  • Which ConcurrencyMode do I need for my ServiceBehavior (Multiple/Reentrant/Single)?
  • Which InstanceContextMode do I need for my ServiceBehavior (PerCall, PerSession, Single)?

EndPoint and Binding

  • What are the endpoints I want to expose? How many? (which address, binding, contract)
  • What are the bindings I want to have? e.g. basicHttpBinding, wsHttpBinding
  • What security mode my binding should have? e.g. None/Message/Transport level security


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