Wednesday, 4 March 2009


MSBuild files are those that can be used to build a project or series of projects. For example, YourProject.csproj in visual studio contains msbuild codes. Alternatively, you can create your own custom msbuild so that you can build more than one project or customize it further e.g. build the project also using Resharper or FxCop tools.

Can be found here:
  • msbuild.exe project-file-name.vcproj /t:Rebuild/p:Configuration=Release
  • msbuild.exe mybuildfile.xml
Articles to read:
Ways to run MSBuild:
  • a) Create a bat file (.bat) or a msbuild file (.msbuild) b) put the MSBuild commands there c) Run the file using MSBuild.exe tool
  • Use CruiseControl.NET or TeamCity
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