Sunday, 15 March 2009

Daily Stand-up Meeting - Daily Scrum

It's a stand-up meeting that every one in the team attends to answer these major questions:
  1. What did you accomplish yesterday?
  2. What is your goal for today?
  3. What is preventing you from accomplishing your goals?
It's called "Daily Stand-up Meeting" in Agile XP and in Scrum it's called "Daily Scrum".

Design discussions should be differed until after the meeting.

  • Communicate status
  • Share commitment
  • Identify Obstacles
  • Set direction and focus
  • Build a team
Like any other meeting, the team members are responsible to prepare in advance to answer those 3 questions.

Who to report?
Team members should report to the peers and the team as a whole not to the team leader or manager only.

How long?
Up to 15 minutes, therefore for a team of 5 each member will have 2-3 minutes to talk.

Who attends?
Anyone who is directly involved in or wants to know about the day-to-day operation of the project should attend the single daily stand-up meeting. Typically at most 10 people.

Not too early, not too late e.g. between 11:45 and 12:00

Who runs the meeting?
The team runs the meeting, not the manager nor the team leader.

  • You will be accounted for what you say in the meeting; so other people who attend the meeting will judge you about how much you do work or not so gossips will be more at the office perhaps

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