Friday, 27 February 2009

Windows XP DOS Commands

Command-line reference from TechNet

Popular MS-DOS Commands:
Displays incoming and outgoing network connections; protocol, ip address and port number.
  • telnet.exe
  • ipconfig.exe
  • ping.exe
Popular Windows Processes:
  • taskmgr.exe
  • winver.exe
  • shutdown.exe: it shut downs your PC
  • shutdown.exe /r: it restarts your PC
  • cmd.exe
  • calc.exe (note: to open Calculator)
  • dvdplay.exe
  • notepad.exe
  • perfmon.exe (note: to open Performance Monitor tool)
  • appwiz.cpl (note: to open Add/Remove Programs)
  • mstsc.exe -console (opens the Remote Desktop Connection in console mode)
  • Eventvwr.msc (opens the Windows Event Viewer)
  • secpol.msc: it opens the Local Security Settings window where you can specify local or account policies

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