Thursday, 25 December 2008

Job Agency Lies Revealed

I don't say everybody lies at all but I think we need to be aware that there are some inevitable strategies which are based on dishonesty.

1) Fake Adverts.

Sometimes, you see an advert on a job site such as but it's indeed fake.

It's fake which means that the job doesn't exist really but it is faked to identify the available candidates in the market for their future jobs or to fill in their database.

Can you really identify the fake ones? It's too hard to be honest, so I suggest keep doing what you used to do!

2) Information Extraction

Some agents say they have a job for which I believe you are a very good fit while they don't really have it.

They are after your detailed information, the interviews you have had so far and the interviews you are going to.

The reason they are not honest with you sometimes is that they have a responsibility to fill in their database, also getting information from you helps them know which jobs are really available in the market.

The best strategy I think is to be honest as well as wise and move forward.

3) Fake Tasks

Some tasks which are asked from you to do are fake and do not belong to any project.

Again, I am not saying you shouldn't do the tasks you are given.

General advice:
  • Create rapport with agents and stick to them
  • Be honest and know that nothing is more compelling than honesty.
  • Be courteous and respectful
  • Be wise
  • Remember that Companies will give you the job ultimately not agents (although I believe God provides my job not Companies nor agents).

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