Tuesday, 7 October 2008

IT and Business


I found this very interesting and the reason was I could associate what are said here with my works e.g. at Game Group Ltd.

Important notes:

  • There is a large gap between IT and Business which is the main reason of many project failures and it must be shortened by having proper and consistent communication
  • Almost every IT company wishes and plans to attract talented IT people and there is a war in the market to do so.
  • The whole team, including business members, Tester, Developer & Manager, must be responsible for the quality of the software.
  • Collaboration benefits: Higher responsiveness, higher quality, richer communication, more organized development
  • Motivation is highly important to improve productivity. How do you motivate your people?
  • Developing a software is an art more than a science. You're a Software Craftsman not a Software Developer!
  • Design is the pure principle of a Software Development. There are always tools to build the software but design is what is highly important.
  • Bring the user experience to your iterative development life cycle.
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • Domain Specific Language
  • Ruby

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