Friday, 17 October 2008

An Event from UK SQL Server User Group

Last night I attended an event about SQL Server from UKSSUG, and this is a summary:

SQL Server 2008 Videos on MSDN
It's great to know that they have uploaded Videos for SQL Server 2008 learning here.

SQL Server Integration Services on the web:

Kilimanjaro is the code name for the next version of SQL Server for H1 2010.

Mandison is the code name for the full integration of DATAllegro's technology into Kilimanjaro (SQL Server 2010).

Gemini is the code name for a key component of Kilimanjaro and it is about self-service BI using Excel. "The vision behind Gemini is to free IT resources by giving business intelligence analysis and reporting capabilities to the end-users without IT losing control".

Disable temporary object caching:
Christian Bolton, MVP, showed us how to disable temporary object caching in SQL Server 2008. It's on by default.
The scripts for this should be found on his blog here soon.

Passing Table Value Parameters:
Traditionally, we had to pass xml data type to a stored procedure to do that which has high performance cost. James Boother showed us how to pass Table Value Parameters to db objects. For this to work, we need to

  1. Create a new user defined type (UDT) in SQL Server containing the data structure of the table we want to pass
  2. Create a stored procedure having an input parameter of this type
  3. Pass a DataTable, IList or DbDataReader object from code to this stored procedure directly.
INSERT INTO Improvement
in SQL Server 2008 you can do this

INSERT INTO MyTable (MyId) VALUES (1), (2)

instead of


Service Broker
Simon Munro presented about Service Broker, which is a platform to build asynchronous & queued db applications.

He also showed us how to use Service Broker to send messages and data from one location to the other. Then, there was about half an hour discussion about great advantages Service Broker has over Biztalk such as performance and reliability.

His slides and scripts can be found here.

The next FREE UKSSUG event is on 20th November.

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